The meeting will be held on the Zlatibor Mts, at the University Accommodation Resort “Ratko Mitrović”, Sportova Street, Zlatibor (http://www.usob.rs/en/o-nama/zlatibor-ratko-mitrovic). The meeting’s venue is situated about 200 km south-western from Belgrade, and can be reached by several means:

The closest airport to reach Zlatibor is International Airport “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade (BEG).

There are a lot of bus lines that directly connect the Zlatibor Mts. with Belgrade. Detailed information can be found on: http://www.bas.rs/basweb_eng/RedVoznje.aspx?lng=en

University Accommodation Resort “Ratko Mitrović” is located within the touristic center of the Zlatibor Mts. GPS coordinates of the conference venue are: 43.722535, 19.703717. A detailed map is given below.

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